Big rec


You are beautiful, you are kind, you are smart, you are funny, you are unique. You are more precious than rose, pearls, and diamonds. You are the most stunning of all God's creation. You are my first love "MOM". What product you use, what cloths you wear, what color of your skin doesn't matter. We all love and respect our mother a lot. But why! why we are not respect any other women. Why look at them in a bad way and teasing them. My mom answered me that " Women is powerful, strong and capable. Most of all she has tons of patience." You read about women in Bhagavath Gita, in Quran, in Bible or in any other Holy book. Women always change the world forever. An every women has the same power, the same strength, the same world changing capability, and most importantly the same patience. 

Your responsibility is to find those same qualities in every women what you find in your mother or sister. Set the women free, set that women in path of her dream. Respect every women. Women are not less than men. I request you all please respect every girl whether the girl is black or white, educated or not.

Ethics of life...

Before you pray- Believe
Before you speak- Listen
Before you spend-Earn
Before you write- Think
Before you quite- Try 
Before you die- Live

Don't be ashamed of your story. It will inspire others.
Go deeper to shine brighter. Be inspired to inspire, 


Dream. That's the powerful word. You will knocked down many times chasing your dreams. You will feel like you don't have the energy...