Big rec


  • Receive criticism successfully.
 Put your shields up. Act like a coffee filter. Strain out the emotional grounds-like fear or anger-from the facts.

  • Accept what is said without giving advice.
There are times when we believe the speaker is wrong, and it would feel so good to tell them what to do. However, even when the advice is eventually followed, the timing is important. It is best to listen, to support and to let the feelings be heard before offering any advice.

  • Don't interrupt.
Sometimes it is necessary to stop talking to hear all of the words. Concentrate on the words and pay careful attention to the non verbal gestures. Eliminate both mental and physical distraction.

  • Listen with empathy.
Put yourself in their shoes. Try to understand their perspective. It is not necessary to agree with other point of view to understand or empathize with it.


  1. Nice reminders. I've been struggling with receiving critcism in the past, it was a struggle for me. Because I always think I am right, but I am not. It took some time.

    Thank you for this.



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