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Many people in the world think that they can not do this work. The reason for this is fear. What is FEAR?

Before doing any work assume that we can't. It is fear. Before facing any challenge, many people refuses that we can,t do. If chain tied at the foot of a small elephant's child, then he will try very hard to get out. He will try, but his efforts will fail. When the same elephant's child grows up, tied again but, whenever can not get out. It was in his mind that when he could not do it in his childhood, he still would not be able to do. Because of this fear, people run away from doing their favorite work. Remove this fear and throw it.

Thomas Edison is the great scientist. After 3 month they had fired from school and teacher say that he is not able to read and understand anything. He can't do anything in our life. But he only gave light to the whole world. He invent BULB. But he failed 999 times in making bulb. He didn't give up. In 1000 turn he made it. Remember those who work hard, never lose in his life. What does not happen in this world, if you have courage, then the world is in the hand and the sky is tilted in the feet. 
"Most great people have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure."

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Dream. That's the powerful word. You will knocked down many times chasing your dreams. You will feel like you don't have the energy...