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Today I'm going to tell you the biggest problem of the youth which is ADDICTION. What is addiction and how to remove from our life? I tell you about this.

Today's generation goes unknowingly on the wrong track. Addiction ranging from cigarette, alcohol, and drugs to whatsapp, facebook, other social media, you tube, mobile and television this is all wrong track. The problem is not in the mobile but it is a problem that we are getting addicted to mobile. Mobile is not leaving for one minute, it's a problem. If you are addicted with anything, then understand that you are on the wrong track. For the first time you will try cigarette, alcohol, and drugs with your friends. Once you do, you will do it twice, for the third time you will get addicted to it. Due to the addiction of all this, life gets spoiled. Damage your body organ by taking all these things, which costs its life.


Keep yourself busy to leave all of these things. The friends who take you to all these things, you get away from those friends. They are not friends who push you into death's mouth. Change your life. Bring addiction for your studies, work and business. Then look, where your level will reach. At last, if you want to improve your life then, come on the right path.
Put your recovery first so that everything else doesn’t have to come last.”

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